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Mechanical testing is important for determining the exact physical qualities of the materials you are working with. It is critical, then, for mechanical testing to be as accurate as possible so that you have knowledge of and have the right data to proceed with your project.

At CAST Laboratories, we perform mechanical tests for a wide range of products and materials with our state-of-the-art equipment to ensure an uncompromisingly high standard of accuracy. 

Third party and customised tests are available as well.  

Tests we offer include:

Metallic Materials / Structural Steel

Tensile Test

Steel Reinforcement Bar (Ribbed & Plain Bar) for Diameter 6 to 40mm

Bend Test
Rebend Test
Tensile Test

Welded Steel Fabric

Bend & Reverse Bend Test
Tensile Test
Weld Shear Test
Rebend Test
Strength of Joint Test

Seven Wire Prestressing Strand

Full Tensile Test

Mechanical Couplers

Tensile Load Test without Permanent Set for Coupler Bar

Bolts & Nuts

Full Tensile Test for Bolts
Proof Load Test for Nuts
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