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CAST Laboratories has come to develop a strong reputation in the field of material testing since our first test in 1981. We conduct all types of quality control tests and material verification tests for a wide range of civil engineering and construction materials used in the building and construction industry.

We provide test services for basic construction materials ranging from precast concrete, cement, sand, aggregates, paints, structural elements such as blocks, kerbs, paving blocks, bricks and architectural finishes such as tiles, galvanised coatings, plasters, fittings and many more.

We are able to carry out on-site sampling and coring services for asphalt and concrete elements. We perform in-situ testings, as a continual quality control check for works in progress. We also carry out structural diagnosis, pre-con and post-con surveys of structures.

Brick (Hollow & Solid)

Mortar and Grout
Concrete Block
Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) Testing
Fine Aggregate Testing
Coarse Aggregate Test
Cement Testing
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