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Modern construction work on any kind of geomaterial invariably raises common geotechnical questions of soil stability, bearing capacity and deformity. On occasions like these, knowledge on rock and soil properties such as classification, deformation and shear strength are essential. We at CAST Laboratories are not only ready with the necessary expertise, but are also fully equipped to cater for all types of aggregates and soil related tests to help you determine and manage quality.

Geotechnical properties play an important role for the analysis and design of dams, embankments, foundations, and temporary and permanent earth retaining structures. A wide range of laboratory and field-testing are required to measure the right geotechnical parameters and solve geotechnical engineering problems frequently occuring at site.

CAST Laboratories is established to offer the following geotechnical testing services:
Moisture Content
Atterberg Limit
Sieve Analysis
Specific Gravity
Soil Compaction
California Bearing Ratio (CBR)
Field Density Test (FDT)
Dynamic Cone Penetration (DCP)
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