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Our Services

With over 250 accredited specialised testing services in civil engineering, geotechnical testing and more, we are one of the most comprehensive testing companies in Southeast Asia.


At CAST Laboratories, we constantly strive to improve our range of services to keep up with the industry standards and demands to drive greater economies of scale, resulting in more resources and ability to serve our valued customers better.

Our testing and inspection services have proved indispensable to many distinguished developments and enterprises in the region. We have the expertise to design and conduct customised on-site and laboratory tests for unique applications and systems upon request.

We are experienced in providing testing and inspection services in the following categories:



CAST Laboratories has a comprehensive range of laboratory (and on-site) tests, as well as various third-party and in-house tests that can be customised to meet your specific requirements. We offer testing services such as Asphalt Premix, Hardened Concrete, Construction Materials, Equipment Calibration, Geotechnical, Mechanical, as well as Non-Destructive Tests (NDT) for concrete and steel.

Equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and industrial know-how, our experts at CAST Laboratories are able to conduct both laboratory and on-site tests and inspection on materials such as soil, rock and steel.

We employ comprehensive building diagnostic techniques and expertise in structural assessment and geotechnical investigation work to assist engineers in making important design decisions.

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